Sunday, 23 September 2007

{Mum do I look PRETTY}

This what Mia said after she dressed herself on Saturday morning..... I just had to agree with her and take a photo! Love the socks with thongs LMAO!!!!

I took this photo of Brie today and I think it is just stunning. Kristy and I were taking photos of Libby and Brie and this morning and decided to dress them up and try and take some photos.... when they were in their daggy clothes they were happy to smile for us (well Libby was) dress them up and guess what Yep you guessed it....they didn't want a bar of it! I think this was about the best I got of Brie all day.

Ok have a great night all,
Amie xx


Neek said...

oh what cute photos!!

Sonia said...

Awesome photo Amie, can't wait to see that one scrapped!!!!
and love the bill and ben shot too!!!!

too cute!

Mel Goodsell said...

LOL love the thongs and socks!

Amie said...

way cute pic in the tub!!