Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Mia picked out the pretty joggers in Dubbo the other day and just had to wear them to preschool on thurs, I don't know what I was thinking getting white as they get so dirty so quickly :o( But she loves them so that is all that matters.

Today has been a busy day of cooking and chatting with my friend Kerry. Tomorrow is the preschool market day and they asked the parents to make something for the cake stall so Kerry and I made Toffee's, Banana Cake and Lemon Passionfruit Slice, it was all very yummy but I don't think the Toffees worked as they are still soft (whoops). I should have took photos of it all but I forgot!

This is the latest fad of the girls filling up the esky with water and playing in it! Looks like lots of fun hey......

Here are some photos of the girls that I took yesterday afternoon and today, Mia is on the phone to her Dad here and she just adores him as most little girls do. Yesterday morning when she woke up the first thing she said was "Where is MY DAD" She gets quite upset now when he isn't home. I just asked Salty what they were talking about as I would love to do a LO using the photo and he said he was just carrying on silly with her...... she started speaking into like it was a walky talky just after I took this photo.
Amie xx


Kellie said...

Amie what georgous pics!! I love the shoes.

Nicole said...

Cool shoes! Maybe Miss Prue needs some, except she would lose one in 6 days time, as she does with all of her shoes. Thanks for your help today Amie, you and Kerry, for your baking and time on the stall.

Megan said...

Well even though they may get dirty, I think they are very fancy joggers Mia has chosen! My girls always go for white or pink...light colours to show every scuff mark lol.

I'm surprised there is enough room in the esky for both girls Amie - they are so cute there!

Megan xx