Tuesday, 2 October 2007

{Lots to catch up on!}

Well there is lots to catch up on since last week so lets see if I can remember what I have been up too.....

On Friday I went to Dubbo with the girls to have dinner with my family, Nana and Grandad were flying back to NZ on the Saturday so we all met up in Dubbo which was nice. We went to Hogs Breath my meal was yummo :o) Mia had a lovely time she noticed a little boy about the same age as her and decided that she would go and sit with him and play.... his lovely Mum and Dad didn't mind at all (I guess it kept there little boy I think his name was Jack entertained as well) they were flying a paper aeroplane at each other it was very cute to hear them both giggling.

On Sat morning we went to Maccas for breakfast with Mum (Nannie) and Tony (Poppy) as Mia calls them it was absolutely packed for 8am on a sat. I then went to spotlight and picked out some more material which is so hard when you have a little 17m old pulling at everything she can reach, I so can't wait to go there by myself one day.

I also brought the girls a DVD player for the car which they are just loving.

We said goodbye to Nana and Grandad and I headed back home as we had Ashleigh 2nd birthday party at 3. It was 3.20 when I pulled into the driveway so it was a rush to get the girls dressed into their party dresses. We stayed for dinner and came home about 8.30, the next day we went over to visit Kay and Jim and the girls had a sleep over because I was going to Rachelle's hens day/night, I came home and there was a message on the phone from one of my friends saying they were having lunch and to come down and join them, so I went and caught up with Michelle and Lloyd for 1/2 hour and then onto the hens party where I felt really sick and had to come home for a lay down. I had a rest for a while and Kristy rang to see if I was ok, so I got up and went back to the party and ended up having the best night, caught up with heaps of friends a guy from school and as there were a few of other school friends there we had a big chat about organising our reunion.

I started walking home at about 11.45 only to see Salt was at the Cannonbar so I went in there to see if he was ready to go home and he was which was great.... LMAO he had rode his bike there and decided that he would double me home I don't know how we didn't stack it!!!

Monday was a complete right-off for me I woke up had a shower and went and got something to eat, only ate half of it because it made me feel sick and then I spent the rest of the day in bed I am so lucky that Salt was home and the girls both decided to have sleeps Brie slept for 4 hours I think her few days had caught up with her.

But I woke up this morning feeling great and cleaned the house as it was just a pigsty, watched the girls have lots of fun with the hose out the back and made another bag, went over to Kay's this afternoon for a visit and then tonight I have made another bag the same as the one this afternoon as it was for me and this one is to sell. They are what I call my pool bag, I am going to use mine for all the stuff I need to take to the pool with me this year.

I really feel like I am forgetting something I have done but probably not! I have just remembered I had about 8 inches cut off my hair, I was growing it but while I was driving to Dubbo I thought I might get a hair cut..... So I did :o) Anyway it is just above my shoulders now...

This is a LO I did for the FA Sept Sketch.

Anyway there is your update Leah.


Amie said...

Wow, busy busy, girlie! That LO is great, nice & bright!

Chrissy said...

Hope you stay well Amie! And hey we need to see close up piccies of the new "do" ok? :-)

Chrissy x

Kyla said...

Welcome back stranger, wow you have been busy. Great photo of the girls....too cute!! I KWYM about the taking a day to recover thing... we are just getting way too old!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Amie
Great pics of the girls and i love the LO!!