Thursday, 18 October 2007

{Mia's First Preschool Photo}

Today Mia went back to pre-school and we picked up her gorgeous first school photo. I wish I could show you he class one but I would have to blur all the other kids out and I really don't know how to do that :o(

Congratulations to Lesa and Warrick on the birth of their little baby girl Gemma,

Today Mia also had her first Little A's (tinytots) session, I think she will really enjoy it once it is up and running and they have races and that sort of thing all she wanted to do was do high jump.

uuummmm what else have I been up to this week yeah not much I have been making a few bags and doing a few LO's will share when I take some photos.

Mia is going really well with not wearing a nappy at night 3 dry nights out of 5 is pretty good we have had 2 in a row so that is a good start, I have been waking her in the night before I go to bed and last night I took her to the toilet at 1am and then she woke up at 8.30am so I was pleased that she hadn't wet the bed :o)

These are a few LO's that I did for Forever Always mid month newsletter the focus was on Acrylic Stamps. Sonia has put some awesome information in the newsletter on how to use and store these stamps.
Well I am off to put the girls to bed, clean the kitchen and get another bag made tonight.
Amie xx


Amie said...

NIIIICE! Wow, does Mia look like James in that first picture! I love that first layout!

Kristal said...

Grandma is so happy with your pre school photo mia love to you and brie.

Kristal said...
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Kristal said...

Hi A,
Are you impressed - Grandma Taylor did that last comment, bet you never thought you'd see that day that she would master using a computer!

Kyla said...

Love the photo, Amie. Mia looks so grown up. It makes such a difference when the night nappies are gone. Allyce has been completely trained for a while now, & we are starting on William this summer. He is ready, as he pulls his nappy off when it is "yucky".

Megan said...

Mia is such a sweet little thing...he pre-school photo is just so cute Amie.

And as for your layouts, they all look gorgeous! I think Special Friends is my favourite - it's so girly and pretty.

Megan xx

Jenny Boyd said...

yoohoo Amie!! A little bag of goodies is heading your way from my blog draw.

Love the photo of Mia - isn't she getting to be a big girl now!

Sonnja said...

What a lovely photos!
Kind regards,

Sonnja, from the Netherlands