Wednesday, 21 November 2007

{The last few days}

Well it has been a few days and I have been up since 4am so why not update my blog....

What have we been up too, not a great lot! On Saturday we went to the catholic school fete, there were quite a few people there which was great to see. Isn't it funny how it's not until you go to go out and try on clothes that you realise how much weight you have put on!!! NOT HAPPY JAN... I couldn't even do my pants up LMAO... well I wasn't at the time I must have been having a fat week :o( So I have been trying to exercise and eat a bit better in a hope to loose a few kilo's or 500.......... mmmmm back to the fete Kay had given Mia $20 to take to the fete so she could go on the rides and have her face painted so THANKS grandma Mia had a wonderful time :o) Brie on the other hand I kept her in the pram the whole time as she is quite happy to look about, next year she will be able to have lots of fun with her sister.

Santa arrived in the firetruck at about 7.30 I think and Mia was straight in there with every other child in Nyngan.... I was a bit worried about her surrounded by all these kids and was about to go and see if she was alright when out she walked holding a bag of lollies looking very proud of herself! I hope she told him that she wanted a big drum as that is what I have been hearing for the last week. We waited for the crowd to dwindle away and I pushed Brie over to Santa he bent down near the pram and she just looked at him... He held the bag of lollies in front of her and said do you want some lollies??? SNATCH I have never seen her move so quick I think she was a bit scared of him.... but really wanted the lollies! I am glad santa laughed at her. I didn't get there photo taken with him I will take them to Dubbo to have that done as Myer Santa photos are just gorgeous. I don't think Brie is going to be very impressed about having to sit on his lap after her reaction on Sat night but we will soon find out I guess.

On Sunday we went over to Tyson's for his 2nd birthday the girls had a lovely time playing in his little pool. Jo made a yummy birthday cake I just love kids birthday cake...."Happy 2nd Birthday Tyson"

And yesterday after dancing Lucy had a little party in the park, Skye made a yummy cake and gave out lollybags the girls just love parties.... "Happy 4th Birthday Lucy"

Skye has also started making the cutest little bloomers for babies.... I have seen them irl and they are just gorgeous so make sure you check out her blog here They would just make the perfect little present for a new little baby this summer.

Not last night but the night before I put Mia to bed and she just didn't want to go to sleep she kept coming out and saying she was hungry, wanted a drink.... yadda yadda, so when she came out again her next excuse was I want a cuddle, so I went in a gave her a cuddle and started to tickle her tummy she rolled over and said now my back.... so I lay there tickling her back for a while and then she jumped up and said NOW MY FEET! It was so funny I just started laughing at how cute she is. I tickled her feet and she went off to sleep!!!!! What have I got myself into last night she did the same thing.....

After the girl had had their dinner last night I gave them an ice cream each. They both said thankyou well Brie said taaaaaa, and I said to them OK outside and eat them and Mia started to head outside to eat hers "Mia take your sister with you" so Mia said to Brie "Come on SISTER come outside with me and eat it...... " It was so cute, she often calls her sister, and I just laugh.

Well I have been up and finished some DT work so I think I might just head back to bed.....

Have a good day all, thanks for stopping by.

Amie xx


Chrissy said...

Kids really are just soooo cute. It's wonderful to write it down here so you won't forget any of those cute-isms later!

Megan said...

Hi Amie,

You HAVE been busy, and what have you been doing up since 4am you crazy woman?! I can say that because my kids got me up at 4.30am today too :-)

Megan xx

Briony said...

What on earth were you up at 4am for??
Love the photos of the girls. Laughed about Brie and Santa as Ned took one look at our fete last week and screamed!!