Friday, 2 November 2007

{It's raining It's pouring Salt's in bed Snoring}

I sound like a farmer but how glad am I to hear the rain on our roof tonight :o)

I just took the cover off the rain water tank and it must have been pretty close to empty as the water sounded like it was falling a fair way iykwim.....

What have I been up to for the last few days, mmmmmm well I made Mia a pair of Pajamas on Thursday when she came home from Pre School, she thought it was great trying on this material while I made her these pretty pj's from scratch :o) They are pretty wild but not bad for a first attempt with no pattern.

Then silly me tripped on the scissors that I had left on the floor cut my foot open and I was very sick and sad that night...... there was lots of blood and it made me feel very queasy :o(

(it is pouring down now I hope it keeps up)

Today I went to work for a couple of hours and then came home and pretty much did nothing until this afternoon when I decided to clean my scraproom up while Brie was asleep, not that it has given me much inspiration to scrap though.
The monthly newsletter for Forever Always is out you can check it out here it is huge and full of lot of information about heritage LO's something I know nothing about......... LMAO as you can see from my first attempt at a heritage styled LO below

This is my next effort, I have called it Heritage 'Amie' Style

And the next LO is for the monthly sketch competition you can win a $25.00 just by entering your LO into the gallery, it is a really easy sketch this month so why not have a go.

Ok well not much happening here on the weekend I am hoping to get a nice family photo with my new camera, lots of spring cleaning done and some scrapping...... wish me luck!


Amie said...

ouchies about your foot!!!

love the layouts!

Melissa Goodsell said...

I love your blog title Amie!! lol.

Ouch, I'm sorry about your foot, that would have hurt, a lot. The jarmies are so cute, you did a lovely job on them.

Kyla said...

You make me tired thinking about all you want to get done. I'd be happy if I could get my ironing finished!! Glad the rain has made it's way out there. PJ's are very cute!

Kelley said...

cute pj's Amie Love the layouts my fav would have to be the christmas one of Brie. Hope you foot gets better.

Nicole said...

Cool PJ's Amie, how clever, since ou just whipped them up without a pattern. i envy your sewing skills!