Friday, 16 November 2007

{The Winners are:}

Well Mia thought she was pretty special getting to draw the names out today....

Congratulations Briony & Megan, let me know you addresses so I can send you both a little gift :o)

I am doing my first online class with Forever Always on the 29th of November it is very exciting I am teaching a LO, an OTP and some cards.... The kits are available from Sonia for $20.00 or you can do the class with your own products for $5.00 wish me luck :o)

Not much else has been happening, we have the catholic school fete tomorrow night, Mia will be dancing so that should be great to see.... I will post photos on sat night or sunday.

Have a great weekend,

Amie xx


Megan said...

Woohoo Briony and me!!!

Meant to say in the last comment too, that I love your new banner, it looks so cute :-)

And good luck with your class - you'll be just fine!

Megan xx

Narelle and Monique said...

Congratulations Briony and Megan,
Oh and goodluck with your class
Amie, you'll be fine I am sure...
bye Narelle