Wednesday, 5 December 2007

{Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas.....}

In the last week or so Brie has started to say lots and lots of words, like thank you, sticker, holly, Brooke, dinner, Santa just to remember a few. So you can imagine how pleased I was yesterday morning when she said ho ho ho merry christmas..... it is just so cute.

We are off to our bogan bush mobile christmas party today so I can't wait to see what Brie does when she has to go and get her present from Santa, after the way she snatched the lollies out of his hand at the Fete I can't see her walking up by herself to get them but you never know!!!

Yesterday morning I had just gotten out of the shower and I heard Mia say to Brie do you want a lolly?

This is the conversation that followed

"Mia" Brie say thank you...

"Brie" dad

"Mia" Brie say thank you

"Brie" dad

"Mia" nooooo Brie say thank you


"Mia" Brie Sayyyy thank you

"Brie" thank you

"Mia" Your welcome.

I thought it was the cutest thing ever. I can see I am going to have another little chatterbox very soon.

Played my first game of Twilight last night, played up the shit we lost 48 - 46 which wasn't too bad :o(

My new table is arriving this morning, my other one has cracked and after a long long wait they are replacing it.

Well have a great day everyone, thanks for visiting....

Amie xx


Kristal said...

Yay - finally the table saga comes to an end, I hope this one is perfect.

That's very cute able Mia & Brie's conversation :)

Kristal said...

my typing leaves a lot to be desired, that was meant to be 'about' not 'able'. Good to see I read things before I hit ok - not :)

Kellie said...

How cute!!!!

Kyla said...

IKWYM about the suddenly putting words together. William has started singing "Winkle, winkle little tar"...which is the cutest thing. Your girls are growing up so fast.

Amie said...

aww. that was cute! (wish I'd seen/heard you talk!)