Sunday, 16 December 2007

{The Kids Christmas Party}

Yesterday the girls had Salt's work kids christmas party, and they had a ball, they had a jumping castle, merry go round and 2 clowns that did the best face painting! Mia spent most of her time on the merry go round and Brie liked the jumping castle. When Santa arrived it was all very exciting, Brie went straight up to him.... she is so not scared of Santa which is great as we are going to Dubbo on Thursday to have there Santa photo and take them christmas light looking. Santa gave Brie a doon buggey bike.... she looked so funny trying to hold this huge present :o) Mia recieved some makeup which she is very happy with.

Here are the girls having their face painted... I really don't know why Mia looks so pale in these photos as she is really quite brown like Brie. The clown said that Brie had gorgeous lips and Mia has a lovely nose and she said "I see alot of noses".

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Nicole said...

Amie, both of your girls definitely have great lips and noses!!! Perfect little cupids bows!!!

Kellie said...

Looks like the girls enjoyed themselves, what beautiful photos of the girls with their faces painted!!!!