Monday, 24 December 2007

{Merry Christmas}

Merry Christmas everyone I hope you all have a great day!

I am sure ours is going to be interesting after this conversation with Mia this morning......

I was wrapping a few gifts today and Mia asked where her presents were I told her that Santa will bring them tonight and I asked her what she wanted A BIG DRUM!! meaning a drum kit that she saw in the bigw catalouge.... I said what happens if Santa can't bring you a big drum? I will be very very very sad mum.... this nearly brought tears to my eyes because she isn't getting a big drum she is getting a little one and I really don't want her to be upset when it isn't right..... anyway after a few minutes she said MUM I will SNAP.... I laughed and laughed as when I get cranky with the girls sometimes I say OMG I am going to snap in a minute....
She even asked me the other day how santa is going to fit the big drum in his santa bag??? So it is going to be interesting in the morning.

In other news Mia has learn't too ride her bike with no training wheels which is soooo exciting for her :o) Her training wheel snapped off on Saturday when she was rinding through the 4 inches of rain we had had on Friday night... So she stayed out there until she could do it and then hasn't stopped she loves it.

James and I went out with 2 of my friends on Friday night we had the best night, carrying on like little kids in the rain, walking home at 3am in the morning it was soooo much fun :o)

I have no voice I think I did too much yahooing, laughing and squealing in the pouring rain.

Well I am busy boiling condensed milk cans for my caramel tarts and wrapping presents for tomorrow... I am so not organised but oh well not much I can do about it now.......

Next year I am going to be very organised and I mean it.

Well again once again Merry Christmas and have a good one!!

Hugs Amie


Anonymous said...

Hope you have a great day. How cute about Mia saying she'll SNAP! What a great effort she has done, riding with no training wheels!
Hope your voice is back. Talk to you soon,
Bri xxxx

Kelley said...

Wow santa has a job cut out for him then I'm sure she will forget all about it when she sees everything else she gets. Mia you are so clever riding with no training wheels!

Merry Christmas to the Taylor family hope you have an amazing day.
Kelley xx

Louise said...

Oooh Amie

I do hpe you are having a fab day!!!!

Luv Lou XXX

Kristal said...

Next year I think we should all have a BBQ outside and blow the traditional Christmas lunch :)
My Sister in law (not you) only spoke 2 words to me today in 5 hours so next year Christmas is definitely in Nyngan.

Can't wait to see you all soon and checkout Mia riding without training wheels. Alex will think Xmas has come again when he visits the taylor household and checks out all of your toys. :)

See you in less than 2 days

Megan said...

Hi Amie,

I hope everything worked out with the drum and Mia wasn't too disappointed!

All the very best for the season Amie :-)

Megan xx

Kyla said...

Hi Amie, Merry Xmas to the Taylor's.
Just a little hint on the caramel thing - Nestle Top'n'Fill. Bugger the condensed milk, way too labour intensive.
Mum loves her Taylormade, so I'm going to hint for one in May for my birthday.
Mum also said Mia looks so cute riding her bike. Well done!

Amie said...

Cute!! So how did the drum turn out?