Tuesday, 7 October 2008

{Creating & Sharing}

Well I have been busy sewing, scrapping and stitching over the last few days, weeks month!!! & thought I should share what I have been up too.

The LO's below are from the last 2 FA newsletters.

This is the Recipe Scrap LO that we did last thursday night.

Now onto the sewing, I was lucky enough to win this gorgeous bag pattern from Janelle Wind. It is her new Thelma's day out Bag and I am in love with it. I still have a journal to sew as well but I will get to that hopefully later this week.

Now below is my first stitchery I have ever done. Earlier this year I join up with the Honey Suckle Christmas Club once a month you receive a project to complete. Well as soon as I saw this I had to do it. I just love the stitchery and plan on making some more for the rest of the family.

Sonia forwarded this email from Marelle, so here a the cards I have sent to Sonia for her to pass on.

My friends

I am trying to raise $450 for a friend's mother (who has beat breast cancer twice before) who has breast cancer for a third time. This time, instead of going down the chemo track she has opted for naturopathic diet etc. So, my friend has not told her mum of our plan, so I am hoping to make it come to fruition She needs to have unpasturised goat's milk and since she has limited funds, I need to raise $450 for a goat so my friend can milk the goat for her mum. These goats are really unusual and rare and we have tracked a breeder down in Colac - so I was wondering if I could ask my gorgeous online friends here if you were able to make some cards with positive messages that I could sell around my area to raise the funds.. you would only have to make a couple each then I could sell them to start the fundraising.. The story is quite amazing - my friend has just reunited with her Mother after a considerable time apart (a lot ofyears ) and her children now have a grandma whom they did not know- after they were reunited the cancer came back - so I feel I would like to help , at least to raise money for a "downpayment" on the goat.. So if you would like to help, please mail all cards to me! If you could help, I can pm you my addy and I will then sell the cards and start the ball rolling.. Last year (it took me 4 months to raised $60,000 for a friend's son who is now confined to a wheelchair after a bmx accident (17yrs ) so I am hoping it will only take a short time to raise $450 Thank you my sisters in scrap!xx

And last but not least I thought I would share my LO that is in this months Scrapbook Creations Mia & Brie both get pretty excited when they turn up and see there pics in the mags.... Not that Brie is in these but in the next few months she will be :o)

Anyway that is about it from me. I am hoping to have an early night tonight as I am quite tired.
Nite all :o)
Amie xx


Sonia said...

Oh I want one of those bags....pretty please....love all your creations at the moment, you are a busy beaver....

Cherie said...

OMG Amie where do you find the time to do all that stuff ...... you must be much better at time management than me .... it would take me 6 months do do all that...
I love the all white ultra sound layout .... just gorgeous..

I would love to do somethig for your fundraising effort... I will post some off to you ASAP... (i will get your address from Bri)

Hope you are keeping well...
Take care
Cherie xxx

Kyla said...

I love the bag too, Amie. Gorgeous! Your ultrasound LO is beautiful. Well done on yet another publication!!

Anonymous said...

Wow Amie you have been a busy bee. Love your bag. Might have to have a lend of the pattern.
Congratulations on your LO in the mag too. Just too Clever...Cya Narelle

gabriella said...

Hi Amie, glad to hear you are well and happy. It was a great surprise to open my mag and see your pages- how clever you are!
well done sweetie. x

Kelley said...

Love the layouts Amie and congrats on another publication. Love all the sewing creation you have done atm.

Neek said...

You certainly have been busy! :) Well done on having more LO's published. Are you going back into the bag business now? Still would love a pool bag :)

Emma said...

Wow you are a very busy lady. Wish I had the time to do as much craft as that.
Love the bag - very creative but basic.

Briony said...

Hi there!
Love all your work, esp the ultrasound LOL and the bag. I have been having trouble opening heaps of webpages/blogs and your photos wouldnt come up until tonight so that's why i'm MIA.
I will give you a call about our NSW adventure. We are set to do 2,500km in 7 days. Will be buggered when we are home. Aiming to be in Nyngan 2 nights.
Chat soon,
Bri xx

Leah-in-the-Kia said...

your lo are sll lovly, congrats on your published ones! We got back at 11.30pm last night, I am so over theme parks! and I am so over being a fat cow! I nearly got stuck in a floaty thing at wet and wild until the the kids tipped me over so I could get out! When is Bri coming through Nyngan?

Amie said...

wow, you rock!@!