Friday, 24 October 2008

{Photos Toilet Training and More}

A photo of Mia when we went fishing the other day...... this is the before photo LOL

Salts damper was heaps nicer than my first attempt.

OMG how dirty can one child get....

Mia and her Carp that she caught.
Below are a few LO's that I have done for the October midmonth newsletter.

Below is for the midmonth Sketch

This LO was from the Cybercrop last weekend. The girls took these photos.

And also below a few more LO's from the CC and some cards from the leftover scraps.

Mia had her haircut last weekend and Jody straighten it for her.... The photo doesn't do it justice but she just looked so cute and grownup and young at the same time if that makes sense... I like her curl the best though... That night we went to the footy presentation and I am sure she went to the toilet to fix her hair up at least 10 times......... each time she would come out and say does this look beautiful??? So gorgeous.

In other news the girls have a pet fish each, meet Squirty and Lil Baby. Mia owns Squirty (the black fish) and Brie own's Lil Baby (the orange fish) I was quite impressed with the names they chose.

They are going so well feeding them everyday, Brie like to try and pick them up though..... LOL.
Today we went to the reading bug held in the park and the girls had there faces painted , made a bookmark and had a play in the park for a while and then we came home. Last week I started to toilet train Brie but gave up after a few days as she really had no idea.... Well today she has done 2 wees in the potty all by herself I am so proud of her :o) Lets hope she keeps going with it. I would love for her to be TT before our little man gets here.
In other news I have a LO in scrapbooking Memories this month in the Buttons Gallery :o)
We also have a new chat comp running over at Forever Always come and check it out. The girls are chatting up a storm......Just click on the link on my side bar and come and say hi.... There are some great prizes to win.
Ok hope you all have a great weekend.
Amie xx


Kyla said...

Good luck with the TT, Amie. Will hasn't done a poo in his pull-ups for ages now, but he is so lazy with wees. If he is outside he just drops his dacks & lets it stream. Rarely does wee on the potty though. No rush, a community midwife up here said to me once, do you ever see a child going to school in nappy's??!! Did you say little man?? Wow, congratulations!

Nicole said...

How different Mia looks with straight hair!!!!!

Great scrapbooking Amie, so much of it, I can't begin to comment, it's all beautiful!!! Good luck with the toilet training. Trevor as become a damper afficionado of late too!

kerry said...

Oh my gosh how different little miss Mia looks with straight hair so grown up and still so beautiful :o)

With the tt you will find that now she has done it twice on her own she will most likely keep going with it for she has done it all on her own thats what happened with my 3 girls anyway.....

And your LO are just beautiful like usual miss you guys so much :o)

Love and Friendship always,

Kerry xoxo

Sonia said...

WOW - love the photos....

Kelley said...

Love the photos Amie the girls must have really enjoyed themselves out fishing. Love the layouts esp. the Laugh out load one. TT I always hated doing it but it will come to her in the end so don't stress. Did I read right that you are expecting a little Taylor boy into the family? How exciting will that be as well as different.