Tuesday, 29 January 2008

{The Big Bike and Banana Bread}

Mia decided last Friday that she didn't want her training wheels on her big bike anymore, so I took them off and look at what she can do..... So we went for a ride to Brooks house and she couldn't tell Kristin quick enough how she can ride her big bike with no training wheels. She is pretty good on the road with listening and stopping when she sees a car which is really good.

Well I have gone Banana Bread mad in this house I have borrowed Salt's mum Bread Maker to make the pizza dough for our yummy pizzas we have been eating.... (I think the novelty has worn off now) and I wondered if it would make banana bread so I found a recipe on Google and made that well it was a complete flop and then I thought I should look in the actual recipe book that came with the bread maker, of course it had a recipe and it is one of the easiest, nicest recipes I have tasted for Banana Bread. I have made 2 loaves and they have both been eaten within the day. We all love it and I had about 12 bananas in my freezer waiting to be made into cakes or bread.

This weekend just gone Forever Always held there monthly cyber crop the challenges were definitely challenges but I am really happy with them.

Challenge 1 was to use paint and let the photo be the focus of the LO, Lou wanted us to use minimal embellishments as well.

Challenge 2 was to use a postage stamp. I think this might be my favorite.

This is challenge 3 we had to create 3 mini LO's 3 x3 I love them and I am going to use them on a 12 x 12 LO.

Kerry I will have to email a pic of the LO so check your emails :o)

This LO is for the current challenge over at Outback Country Crafts.
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Amie xx


Kellie said...

Well done Mia!! Love the bike!! I have always wanted to make banana bread it looks very yummy!! Love the LO's Amie they are all so amazing... my favourite is the one of Salt & you!! Its beautiful!

Sonia said...

WOW - more stunning photography, the BREAD looks great....and wtg Mia.....

Your Sealed with a KISS LO is just amazing.....

Briony said...

Hi There!!
Love your LO'S. Love the one with Mia that you have written on. Yummo love the sound of banana bread. Well done Mia on no training whells. Jackson is still riding with 1 trainer, we havent attempted to take it off yet. Hope you are well and you have the new aircon in! Its bloody hot atm!
Talk to you soon,
PS Dont know, but heard a whisper we may be able to move in, in 3 weeks (we are supposed to have another 5) so we will see how we go.

Krissy C said...

Mia is so clever!Those photo's are awesome Amie!Mmmmmm banana bread :)

Melissa Goodsell said...

Gorgeous layouts, LOVE the look of that banana bread and how gorgeous are the pics of Mia on her new bike.

Amie said...

What a big girl, riding her bike! She's three??? WOWIE! I need to get my 5 (almost 6) yr old going on that. And get some clothes on that kid! (wink!) The banana bread looks delicious. I LOOOOOOVE banana bread. so so so so so yummy and so so so so so fattening! I didn't know you could freeze bananas! Course around here, they never go bad. My 3 year old could live on bananas. I bought some last week and they were gone the same night! Your layouts are amazing as always. Did you just stamp that 'love' over the photo? What kind of ink did you use? The layout of you and your honey is awesome,and the others too. I've not heard of the 3x3 trend. Great stuff, girl!

Kim said...

My son just learned to ride his bike several weeks ago too. I just got the pictures back and just can't wait to scrap them. Good job, Mia.

Nicole said...

Hi Amie, I saw you across the road in town today. Didn't sing out as I was feeling a tad frazzled. Lachlan commented on how "cool that girl's bike is". I looked up to see who he was talking about and it was, of course, Miss Mia!