Friday, 11 January 2008

{Mia can Swim!!! Other news and What we have been up too}

In other huge news ... Mia learnt to swim today all by herself (no floaties) I am so proud of her. She is just so excited and proud of herself!!! I was starting to think she was never going to learn. It is great timing too as she starts swimming lessons again on Wed.

I also had another LO accepted for publication today with Scrapbook Creations it is going to be in issue 55.

Well where do I start??? New years eve would probably be a good start......

Firstly I tried to get our last family photo for 2007 I was only aloud 3 attempts as we were running late as it was!! Then we headed off to celebrated new years with 2 of our good friends Troy and Kristin, and the little kiddies. Salty's sister Kristal also joined us as she had had a big night planned of going to bed early but Salt soon talked her out of that....... it was a great relaxing night with great food and just a bit of alcohol.... just enough so you don't have a hangover the next day!!

The girls all played wonderfully have a ball in the mini pool

I think the highlight of the night was the sparklers.

I think Brooke fell asleep about 11 -11.30pm and Mia at 5mins to midnight.... and Brie well she wanted to go to sleep but getting pushed in the pram wasn't doing it for her so we left just before midnight, I am not good with crying children.

Newyears day I can't even remember what I did.... Salt went back to work anyway!!

Thursday Kristal and I took the kids for some photos at Mullengudgery we got a few cute ones as you can see.

On Friday we left for a friends wedding at Beechworth, what a beautiful spot that is. We had a lovely time away but I really missed the girls I wanted to take them with us but we were also staying at Bundalong on the river and Salt didn't want to take them. I met up with the Briony in Euchueka on Monday after the wedding we had a lovely day chatting I wish we lived in the same town. Jackson is so gorgeous I can't wait to meet Ned and Briony's hubby Luke of course, we are going to meet up again and go camping or something again this year.

This is where Ned Kelly was tried it was all very interesting to look at.

This is the jail and it looks like no-one is there but apparently it houses 130 prisoners. It looked empty to us! You should see the razors on the barbed wire. The other pic is of an old building in the street.

These are some photos of Salt and I posing for each other, then a nice man came along and took one of us together. Michelle looked absolutely stunning not that you can see much from this photo. It was such a gorgeous wedding I had a great time.

Here are some more photos that Kristal has been taking while she has been home, it is great to have someone on the other end of the camera taking photos of me with my kids as I am always doing it. The boys went yabbying before Mark went home so here are some more photos in Kays backyard. I love this one of Salts mum and the grandkids.

How gorgeous is this!

Alex loved this rocking horse

Mark and a Yabby

Grandma with the grandkids.

Alex and Brie driving cute
Mia and Brie posing for Aunty Kristal
{Mia and Mummy in the pool)

We have had no airconditioner since 2 days before christmas and it decided to get really hot on Monday so I have been spending a fair bit of time under Salts mum A/C ours looks like not getting replaced for at least 2-3 weeks.


Leah-in-the-Kia said...

good to see you back in blog land! Love all the photos, was thinking we need to make a date so you can do our family photo. I need to have all the kids clean and tidy together so we can do it! sux about your a/c, was nice your caught up with Jawoonta! Fallon had started swimming in our pool without her bubble too, she is going great guns, jumping in and swimming well thrashing to the other side. Didnt get tto the pool this morning as we had all just woken up! lazy turds we all are!

Amie said...

wow, so many great pictures! Congrats on getting your layout picked up. Do you get paid for these? Do you know I have not ever submitted a layout? Wouldn't know the first thing to do! Happy new year's to ya!

Melissa Goodsell said...

WOW well done Mia on learning to swim, how awesome!!
I love the photos too Amie :O))

Kelley said...

Excellent photos Amie and congratulations on another layout being accepted how many does that make it now. I really feel sorry for you all at your house not having an Airconditioner we hadn't had one since Nov just got a new one on Thursday. Well done to Mia with her swimming.

Kyla said...

Welcome back, Amie. Sorry to hear about your A/C, especially since it is so hot out there at the moment. Mum has been enjoying the cool weather up here. Great photo's too! You are very clever.

Nicole said...

I had probably had so many of the usual comments about all of your lovely photos and layouts until I got gobsmacked by your lack of aircon. You poor thing.

Great to see you back in blog land. I have missed checking things out!
Well done Mia for being a swimming star!

Nicole said...

Amie I was going to say "see you at swimming lessons" before! Yes we are doing them. Prue at 10:30, the boys at 12:35, so I will no doubt be able to catch up with the whole bloody town over the next ten days! I did want Prue in the 11am one but they rang back and said it was full, that was before they went ahead and offered second sessions of every class without offering them to those who had missed out the first time around. So I am hoping that Prue isn't in too basic a class. I put her in the one below what I thought she should have when the other was full. Oh well, have now had my vent! Remind not to whinge about it again! They normally are pretty good at shuffling them to their ability anyway aren't they.

See you there.