Sunday, 20 January 2008

{Scrapjack & More}

This is my LO for this months scrapjack, Kim Archer is this month Jackee and her LO was stunning I loved it, very easy to jack. I must congratulate my fellow DT Member Louise Nelson on being asked to be the newest DT member for Aussie Scrapjack.

This LO is one I did the other day just for something to do it was a double LO but it just didn't work out the way I wanted so I changed it back into a single I am quite happy with it now :o)

Mia painting with puff paint, she had a lovely time thanks Mel

Here are her creation after putting them in the microwave for 30 secs. Lots of fun!

Lastly a photo of Brie in our laundry tub... Grandma has a big laundry tub that the girls love to bathe in and when Brie walked in the back door covered in sand yesterday I wasn't letting her get any further into the house. She looked so cute in there I just had to get the camera out.

Went out to dinner for Leah and Sally's birthday at the motel last night, it was a lovely night.

Well quite tired after my night out would love to stay up scrapping tonight as Sonia did some gorgeous inspiration work this weekend, go check it out in the FA Gallery it is stunning. But I think I am going to go to bed instead :o(

Have a great week everybody :o)


Kellie said...

Great layouts Amie, beautiful pics of the girls!!

Megan said...

Amie that is a great collection of photos on the Kim jack! I love the main is just so beautiful.

I love the wash up in the laundry tub too!

Megan xx

Amie said...

That picture of your daughter in the sink is so cute!

Nicole said...

Thanks for the furniture tip Amie! I went in there today and patted my bed and bedside tables, and .... found a new coffee table!
Now if only we could order them. Have to wait till later in Feb (before the sale runs out!)

Love the photos of the girls as always, which I could take phots like that. Perhaps one day (like 2011 when Prue starts school) I may do a course!

Anonymous said...

Hey Amie how are you going its Kerry hopped on the sight to show mum your beautiful family and scrapbooking the page of Mia turned out lovely like usual!

Im hanging out to see the scrap page you did of chloe can you post it onto your site so that mum can see too!

Hope you are all well thinking of you and missing you guys take care and will talk soon. Kerry xo