Monday, 24 March 2008

{A quiet Easter}

Well we have had a lovely quiet easter this long weekend, The easter bunny was a bit silly this year and let all of the girls easter eggs melt in the car so although they didn't loose there shape thanks to the packaging the chocolate had all separated and crumbly... They ate a bit of it but most of it just got crumbled into the carpet left for me to vacuum up. Mia had an awesome time with her treasure hunt, the nice little easter bunny left a map so she could see where he had hidden the easter eggs. I wasn't quick enough to capture the expression on her face when she found them but it was priceless.

Mia let me take some photos of her on Saturday

and she took this one of me...

which was great as I needed one to complete a challenge that Sharryn is running over at FA for easter, there is still time to enter if you feel like getting a LO about yourself done :o)

Brie woke up just in time to have her photo taken too, I was surprised that she was happy to let me take it after just waking up.

I tried to scrap all weekend but absolutely nothing was working for me this is about the only one I am happy with, and I had 2 goes at it.. Maybe my mojo went on hols early......

Well it is going to be extra quiet on my blog for a couple of weeks as we are going on holidays and I am sending my puter in for a service it is that slow and I think it has a cold..... LMAO.

I am really looking forward to our holiday, especially Kristals wedding the girls are little flower girls and there dresses are just beautiful. I will be taking the photos so lets hope they turn out great :o)

So I will be back in a few weeks with I am sure lots and lots of photos of our holiday.

I hope you have all had a great easter and eaten huge amounts of chocolate....:o)


Kyla said...

I love your haircut Amie, it really suits you. Great LO too! Have a fab holiday, enjoy the wedding & see you in a few weeks in that quite old street of ours! Lets hope across the road goes on holidays too!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amie, Gorgeous pics - so you better find some to enter in the show..HINT!! Cya have a great holiday. bye Narelle

Amie said...

have fun, we'll miss ya1

Nicole said...

Have a great holiday Amie... :)

Kellie said...

Great pics! Love the Lo it's stunning!!! Have a great holiday and a good time at the wedding!!

Anonymous said...

Have a great holiday! Love the photo Mia took of you.
Talk to you soon,

Chrissy said...

What a silly bunny hey? ;-) Love allyour cute family pics Amie, they are just gorgeous.

Happy Easter wishes to you too.
Love Chrissy x