Wednesday, 2 July 2008

{What have I been up too???}

Well not a lot really..... I went to Dubbo a few weeks ago and picked up my car. It looks so nice and new again, it needs a good clean again though. While I was there Kay took Brie too Kidzoo so I could go and watch Sex and the City. I absolutely loved loved loved the movie LMAO I too sat there by myself with my popcorn and solo :o)
My LO in the current issue of Scrapbook Creations looked really good I was so happy with the colours unlike the month before.

Just sitting here trying to remember what we have been doing..... I have been doing a little bit of scrapping but not a lot.

Trying hard to keep this house clean, it is a never ending job and as soon as I clean it the girls seem to find something else to pull out.

We also went to Dubbo again on Sunday as Salt was playing footy there, such a great oval to watch footy at, the girls had a great time.
Thinking I may have to take the girls out for another photoshoot very soon, Mia seems to have grown again she just doesn't stop!!! If she keeps going she will be taller than me by the time she 10..... Not that that would be a hard thing being the shorty that I am LOL.
Mia got a really great report from Preshcool, Chantelle's comments were: Mia has had a fantastic start to the year & has made progress in all areas of the program. Mia is a valued member of the group, she is an absolute pleasure!
How proud of her am I!!!!
Well that is about all I can think of at the moment I need to keep it a bit more up to date here so it isn't such a task when I do.
Thanks for stopping by.
Amie xx


Leah-in-the-Kia said...

bout time you updated! i thought you must have had the flu and it went straight to your lungs !!!!!!!!!!

Nicole said...

Hello, glad to see an update. I am like you, i keep leaving it too long lately and there is too much to report so I just don't!

Well done MIa!

Kyla said...

I've got a fridge magnet that says "A good mother has dirty floors & happy children". That's my motto in life (or excuse when people drop by unexpectedly!!).

Briony said...

Hi there! Love your LO's esp turning 30. Luke gave me a hard time over the weekend at a 21st as the young (18yr olds) happened to have on grey tops or coats and black bottoms. He was saying 'Act your age Briony your 30 not 18 as I was wearing it too!! LOL The bastard! It was a huge coincidence and as it was in a shearing shed I was dressed for warmth, and obviously so were they!Im not worried abut turning 30 either!
Well done Mia on a great report!

Nurse Nyngan said...

I thought you must have had a touch of ross river or the rheumatoid arthritis, hence not much typing!

Congrats on the mag layout. Sadly my scrapppin mojo has gone into winter hibernation. Not even a drive through Mogo ( great scrapping shop there ) could entice me out of the hole!

Kristal said...

'bout time miss Amie, good to hear our little cherub Mia is going so well at Pre-school. Went to the first day of the toy sales in Brissie today - OMG that was an experience. Will have to chat soon about the girls Chrissie presents. :)

Neek said...

oooh Sarah I drove past the Mogo Scrapping shop in January and Hubby wouldn't let me stop!!! :)

Nice layouts Amie... Don't fret about turning 30! When your pushing up the hill towards 40 - that is when you panic (eeek must start panicing soon!!!!!!)