Monday, 14 July 2008

{Happy Birthday Jackson & Mia's first EYE TEST}

First of all a HUGE Happy Birthday to Jackson Z who is 4 today. I hope you have had an awesome birthday :o)

Today Mia had her first eye test, and I was so proud of her sitting there ever so perfect and doing everything Jenny asked of her. She has great eyesight and her long distance vision is above average so that is great. She has been counting down the sleep until today she was really excited to get her eyes tested and when we came home today I asked her what was the best thing about Dubbo today....... Getting my eyes tested was the response!! So I am glad it lived up to her expectations and everything is great.

We went out to the Overflow on the weekend to visit the Weston's we all had a lovely relaxing weekend. Especially the kids who just didn't stop playing :o) Kristy and Denis have a Pecan tree and Mia took a bit of a liking to the nuts so Kristy gave me a huge bag of Pecans to shell and I came home and made my first Pecan Pie and OH MY it is DELICIOUS!!!!! Very sickening though, & oh so time consuming cracking the nuts open..... but I enjoyed it for something different.

They also had a huge lemon tree full of lemons so I will make a lemon meringue pie sometime in the next week too :o)

Hope everyone is well

Chat soon Amie xx



Neek said...

if you need a lemon recipe - lmk! I have heaps here with my very big abundance of lemons! :)

Briony said...

Jackson said Thank you for his Birthday wishes. He said 'You mean Echuca Amie said happy birthday Mum? We havent seen her in a long day Mum!!'
Glad Mia enjoyed her eye testing, and it was'nt a drama.
yummo for the pecan pie. Looks fab!

Sonia said...

Pie looks delicious Amie...