Thursday, 31 July 2008

{Recipe Scrap TONIGHT}

Hi Girls, well i know I am a tad late with my ingredients for you....but time just seems to be getting away from me this week.I have dragged out a layout from 2005, this was one of my master entries at the time....when i look at it now I think no wonder they didn't want it....LOL, but it is actually one of my Favourite it contains very heartfelt words and journaling that were very important to me at the time.....I hope you enjoy doing this with me tonight....As i said it is from the staples stash tonight, so if you don't have something simply's all about your take on the recipe INGREDIENTS 1 sheet of cardstock or plain PP {background} 1 large decorative stamp paint or ink - to use with the above stamp staples scraps of cardstock for matting 1 fotofile - basicgrey and heidi swapp do these....but you can just make one from a piece of folded cardstock. title letters (mine are acetate) Song lyrics - now these are typed on a piece of photo paper.....but you could choose to just have a larger journaling piece. and no the photo paper is not imperative....just standard paper is fine, but after having mine in an album for 2 years, i think it would have looked nicer on photo paper....Scraps of Ribbon Dymo Tape Sewing Machine or Hand stitching requirements {optional} PHOTOS 1 4x6 or 5x7 Portrait photo + a duplicate of the same photo to cut up or use 5 index prints) Ok....I feel that most of the items you have in your can substitute anything remember...thats the with what you have. hope you all are looking forward to coming and joining me tonight....see you back here 7.30ish.....


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