Monday, 6 October 2008

{Our Attempt at Camping}

Well we had planned a family weekend camping this weekend, so we headed off yesterday afternoon. When we got there James said he wasn't going to set up the tent until nearly dark as he thought it might come in and rain :o( So he started fishing

and the first bite he caught a COD :o) but atm they are out of season and your not aloud to keep them.... not that it was big enough anyway LOL. So we took a photo and let him go :o)

We then started a little fire so I could attempt to make my first damper. It looked so good and tasted yum but was as heavy as a brick LMAO!!!

The girls had fun pottering around and toasting marshmallows in the fire. Brie did a fair bit of laying around as she was pretty tired.

But it soon started to spit and the girls and I had to jump in the car and head home as Salt said I wouldn't have gotten out of there in my car otherwise. Brie fell asleep on the way home and slept until 7.45 this morning.
Salt was home about 15mins later he said it just poured down. So we will have to plan another trip very soon as it will be getting too hot.

Hope your all having a lovely long weekend.
Amie xx


Sonia said...

Well I guess a day in the fresh air was the look of the damper...pity it rained on your parade.

Neek said...

sounds like fun - regardless of rain! :)