Monday, 20 April 2009

{Happy Birthday Mia!!!}

Mia turned 5 on Friday and she had a wonderful day and recieved lots of beautiful presents and money which she brought a DS with, so she thinks she is pretty special now :o)

I took these gorgeous photos of Sam this morning he was 3 months old yesterday and is gooing and gaaaaing it is so gorgeous to hear. He is full of smiles and I reckon he is trying to giggle.
Check out the girls playing dressup I got these bargins at Target on the weekend $2 a costume we got Snow White, Batman and Hannah Montana, the girls thought it was christmas when I came home.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics Amie!! Happy 5th Birthday to Mia!!!

Shelly said...

Amie- your photos are stunning!!! Lots to scrap there-Happy Birthday to Mia- hope she had a lovely time:)Thanks for sharing!!!

Kyla said...

Happy Birthday, Mia. Allyce turns 5 on Thursday - our girls are growing up so fast. Beautiful photo's!

Briony said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIA! I am very late sorry. Hope you had a great day. Love Jackson, Ned, Sebastian, Bri and Luke xxoo

Briony said...

I wrote that late comment before the photos had loaded! Love the costumes! Sam is absolutely gorgeous! He is growing way too fast. You have done a fab job of taking the photos

Briony said...

Oh and Happy birthday Brie for tomorrow!