Thursday, 20 March 2008


Poor little Mia went to bed last night at 7 and is still asleep it is nearly 9.30, I think the last few days have really caught up with her :o( Brie as well went to bed at 7 and woke up just after 8 so my poor little girls are so tired.... They are still both getting temps as well and now have yucky coughs, I hope it disappears before we go on our big holiday next Thursday.

The other day we went out to the river so Salt could try and catch a fish.... I took my camera and got some photos of Mia posing for me she is such a good little poser I love it, all was well and good until she was splashing in the water and half fell in!!! as you can see from the photos. We came home and had a nice warm bath then :o)
I hope everyone has a nice Easter, Salt starts work on Friday so lucky him (NOT) gets to work all over Easter :o((((( anyway he was supposed to work day shift and now he is working nights so that is better for us anyway.... I get more scrapping done when he is on N/S.
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Nicole said...

Happy easter to you too Amie! enjoy that choccie. We actually ended up in Bre today for the rodeo, with the whigham-reids, quite a good day! Turning out to be an activity packed weekend.
Hope that the easter bunny finds
Mia and Brie!