Sunday, 9 March 2008


Well we have had a busy week this week, I was glad to see the weekend as I new we didn't have anything on!

I haven't done an ounce of scrapping so as soon as I get off the computer I am going to clean up my scrap room and do some creating :o)

Salts dad is coming over for dinner tonight we are having Pumpkin Soup, Bill's Sausages and I am still undecided about desert so maybe we will just have ice cream....

We went to the wiggles in Dubbo on Friday and the girls had a lovely time, Hi 5 are coming on the 24th April so we will be going to that as well.
Enjoy your Sunday everyone :o)


Amie said...

that colored picture of Brie with the watermelon is gorgeous! I still can't get over how much she looks like you and Mia looks like James! My kids never got into the Wiggles. Must be cuz we don't have cable. ;) Good luck scrappin'!

Narelle and Monique said...

Too cute girls. Love the pics.
Looks like lots of fun at the wiggles. I still have Dorothy's tail when Phoebe went to see the Wiggles..So they have been around for a while..
Didn't see you yesterday! catch up later. have a good one bye Narelle

Neek said...

aaaawwwww cute watermelon photos!

Would SO love to see Hi5 with Jade - but alas I have to be in Dubbo with Narelle the day before so it may be a bit hard with the retreat too! :) Have fun

Nicole said...

Great hotos! Wiggles was good, see ya at Hi-5 (If not before! LOL!

Megan said...

Hi Amie,

I hope that pumpkin soup was good...I love pumpkin soup!

Good luck with cleaning up your scrap space and getting some creating done too.

Have a good week,
Megan xx

Kyla said...

By the way, unless you have other arrangements - the girl's will be getting their invite in the mail next week for Allyce's "butterfly" party at Aunty Julie's on the 23/4.
Hi-5 would be cool to see, but we are up for a fair bit of expense that week!!

Anonymous said...

Love the photos! You are so lucky to have the wiggles and Hi-5 playing so close to Nyngan. We are off to Playschool in concert next Tues.
Hope you've got some scrapping done. Mine's still in boxes waiting to be unpacked!
Bri xxx