Saturday, 15 March 2008

{Forever Always Mid Monthly Newsletter}

* Edited Skye has just sent a pic of Baby Liam and he is so so so cute....

Firstly in exciting news Congratulations to Skye and James who had a little boy on Tuesday morning I am so happy for them. I can't wait to see little Liam.

I have 2 Happy Birthdays one for my Sister for Monday and Alison for Wednesday I am sure you both had lovely days.

The forever Always mid monthly Newsletter is out and it looks great so check it out. :o)

Here are 2 of my LO's that I did for the newsletter

Last night I was in a very scrappy mood I did 4 LO's but I can only share this one....

The girls were in a splashy mood you should have seen them in the bath jumping about putting water all over the place.... they were having fun so that is the main thing :o)

I don't know if I have shared this photo or not but this is how the girls went to sleep a few weeks ago in my bed they were so snuggled up it was just so cute.

I sent my Dyson away last week as the cord wouldn't retract, I am so happy with there service they cleaned my vacumm so it smelt like new and replaced the filter all under warranty :o) So after not having a vacumm for about 8 days this is what come out of our carpet in the dinning room where we spend most of our time and it isn't a very big room either just sooooo gross....


Mia made this crocodile at Bush Mobile on tuesday.

Brie asleep in her cot I went in to check on her and she just looked so cute with the overalls on and bum up in the air.....

Well I best get myself organised we have Ebony's 4th birthday party to go to this morning and a baby shower for Amanda this afternoon.
Have a good day everyone :o)


Neek said...

Good layouts Amie! :) Cute photos too - love the ones of Brie asleep! :)