Saturday, 18 November 2006


Hi Everyone, I can't believe how much I miss not having email & internet. I got a phonecall from Kristin on Wed morning asking me if my internet was working (I was still in bed LOL) so i didnt know if it was so I got up and had a look and it wasn't sooooo I tried what telstra normally make you do when you call for assistance and that didn't work. Grrrrrr so after nearly 4 days without it it just came back on whoohoo :o)

I started back on my weight watchers this week and have been really well behaved and it paid off as I lost .5kgs hopefully it will be 1kg by tues as that is when I started so that is great I want to loose 3kgs before I go away just before christmas at least then I wont feel so guilty about eating so much on holidays.

We are going to the Catholic School Fete tonight I hope Mia will sit on Santas lap for the photo last year she wasn't very impressed so I cant imagine it happening this year.

Salt is out Yabbying and reckons he will be back by 6.30 so he can come too! Lets see what happens.

I have finally finished the LO that I want to submit to SBM

I need to buy Brie one of those first year books as I am starting to forget when she did what & Mia pulled hers out of the bookshelf yesterday so I have written the things that I can remember down

Smiled 7-8 weeks
Rolled over 14/10/06
pooed in the bath LOL The reason I remember this as it was my birthday!!
Blows rasberrys 6.5m
fisrt solid food 5.5m Farex, she is now eating a little bit more chicken and sweet corn, banana custard, banana & avocado.
Sitting Up 6.5m
Fav Toy the Caterpiller
Laughed, she was exactly 4months but I think that was a fluke it does take a bit too make her laugh Mia is the best at it. All though in Target the other day she was just cacking herself I think it was the lights
Loves the Jolley Jumper as you can see I started putting her in it on wednesday.

It is Tyson's bday tomorrow he will be 1 just think this time last year Jo was rushed to sydney for an emergency ceaser 7 weeks early as she developed toxiemia(spell)??, I will have to visit tomorrow I best go and make a birthday card for him.

By for now.