Wednesday, 29 November 2006

The Santa Photo.

Here is the Santa photo that we got taken in Dubbo on Monday. It was so funny I said to Mia look there's Santa do you want to get your photo taken with Santa? No! Please No! can you hold Brie's hand while she gets her photo taken? No!

So I was just going to get one with Brie but Mia doesn't like to miss out so she sat there and smiled as you can tell this is the best santa photo yet that Mia has had taken.

I just told Mia that I am feeling sick and she said Do you want a bucket LOL so cute. I am supposed to be playing golf tonight but I have a sore toe and don't feel that great there is a vomiting and pooing bug getting about and most of the people that were at the christening either have it, or had it so we are bound to get it I guess - Maybe it is in my head. I hope we don't get it or it stays away until friday cause we have Salty's work xmas party on thurs night and I am sure the food is going to be soooooo yummy.


Jolene George said...

What a great picture of the girls with Santa. I love that she smiled even though she didn't want to be in the picture. They are such cuties!

Neek or Narelle said...

Hi Amie,
Great photo of the girls with Santa. Your girls are so beautiful..
cya soon

Leah said...

great photo, now you have to leave a comment on my blog!

briony zagame said...

Hi Amie,

I came across your blog from reading others. Just wanted to say how gorgeous your girls are. I have 2 boys the same age, and will be *trying* in the next week to get a Santa photo,

briony zagame said...

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