Monday, 27 November 2006

Brie just rolled back over!!!

Hi everyone - very exciting Brie has just rolled back over. She has been getting so frustrated with being able to roll from her back to her belly and just being stuck so now she will be able to get around the floor a bit more.

Mia went to the doctor today about the cyst on her eyelid and he said there is nothing he can do at the moment as she is too young and he would hate for her too get a nasty scar so she is going to see a plastic surgeon in 6 months to see if he wants to cut it out or not.


Jolene George said...

That is always exciting when they can roll over. I'm sure she'll be getting around much better now.
Good luck with the plastic surgeon in 6 months.

Kristy W said...

Hey there, what made you change the background to baby poo brown?
I just smile when I read all about your girls, I am so not a baby person (not a surprise to you I know) but they are just gorgeous!