Sunday, 12 November 2006

Sunday Night

Well I have been playing around with my blog all day and I have added music and a slide show -very happy with myself LOL.

So I guess now I should remind myself of what I have done this week, I cant remember what I did on Monday so it mustn't of been that important. Tuesday was a great day we had our annual Melbourne cup lunch at the RSL with the girls & our kids I was going to drop Mia at her Grandmas but she has worked out that if I drop her over there and take Brie with me she must be missing out on something so she got all dressed up and let me do her hair (what there is of it) and she looked soooo gorgeous I had to take a photo. Salts mum nearly always picks the winner of the big race and once again she picked the winner I am glad I listened to her cause I put $5 each way on Delta Blue and won $118.50 very exciting I also won $16 in $2 sweep and all of us girls put in $5 to buy a yabbie in the yabbie races and we won $188.00 between us so it was just a great day.

On wednesday we went out for lunch for Amandas bday and then Teressa came over and we made some invitations for Ella's christening on the 25th Nov.

Thursday I stayed home all day and did the washing and then played OZ Tag we are a bit sad our team hasn't won a game yet.

Friday morning the girls both woke up tooooo early for my liking 6am so I rang Amanda at 7.15am and we went for a walk and we had a look at her new house that they have just brought.
That night we were all in bed before 8pm it was still daylight thanks to the lovely daylights savings.

Yesterday I did all my ironing and Mia and I made Salmon Patties for Salt (he just loves them apparently) I don't but Mia enjoyed helping me make them so thats all that counts I guess. We then walked over to the Craft Cottage to chat with Narelle - well I better go Mia is up on the bench making a cup of tea!!!!