Tuesday, 21 November 2006

Santa was a hit!!!

This was Brie before we left for the fete, isn't she just gorgeous patiently waiting while I get organised.

Saturday night was great, Mia had such a good time at the fete. As soon as we got there she ran over to the jumping castle had about 10 jumps and then spotted the merry go round which she loved even more she had 2 rides. By then it was time for Santa to arrive and it took about 15mins for us to even get near him she was yelling out Santa Santa Santa HO HO HO it was so cute. Once he noticed her he gave her a bag of lollies which she thought was pretty good!

We then went and got her face painted and she noticed that Santa was getting his photo taken with kids so I went to get Brie and by the time I'd got back she had already been up on Santa's lap and had her photo taken (so much for me thinking she would be scared LOL) Brie sat there and just looked it will be interesting to see how the photo turns out.

Salt thought he might become a face painter with my eyeshadow. Mia thought it was pretty good!


Salty got heaps of Yabbies so on Sunday he cooked them and we had sweet chilli honey and garlic yabbies and creamy garlic yabbies on rice for lunch I enjoyed them because I don't go much on them just cooked with cocktail sauce whereas Salt would rather them cold with cocktail sauce.

We went over and saw Tyson for his 1st birthday and I was going through her scrapbook and he was just so tiny it is amazing how quick a year goes.

Yesterday we went to Lucy's 3rd birthday and Mia had a great time playing with the kids she came home and had a sleep for nearly 2& half hours and then last night when I put her to bed at 8.30 who do you think wouldn't go to sleep, but the good thing is she is staying in her room playing so at least I am getting peace and quiet.

Playgroup was so hot this morning we only have 1 left until Feb next year.

Mia is asleep again now & Brie is supposed to be going to sleep I can hear her playing in her cot lets hope she goes to sleep as well and then I will go and get some scrapping done.

Twilight golf starts tonight trust it to be about 40degrees outside today anyway I hope I can hit the ball since I haven't play in about 8 months

Brie is starting to sit up really well......

Well I have just had to go and rock brie to sleep in the rocking chair for the first time in her life you forget the looks on their faces you should have seen her just loving being cuddled and rocked at the same time I used to do it a fair bit with Mia but Brie has been such a great baby that she puts herself to sleep anyway lets hope she doesn't get into the habit of liking it too much.

So since the girls are both asleep guess what I am about to go and do LOL!!!