Friday, 1 December 2006

I just love you!!

Brie you are just sooooo beautiful I just had to share this photo with everyone....
Brie is 7 months old today.. where does the time go??

Well what else have I been doing ummmm Nana & Grandad sent the girls there xmas presents the other day so I am trying to be creative and make them something scrapbookish LOL. I will have to pull my finger out and get it done this weekend so I can post it on Monday

I am going to put the christmas tree up tonight Mia should enjoy decorating it she is asleep at the moment so she will have lots of energy and won't even look like going to bed before 9pm so at least that will keep her entertained.


Anonymous said...

Hi Amie,
Well I have just been looking at all your lovely work, the girls are getting really big so when I see them next week its going to be very exciting,the poor kids probably will not remember Nan its been so long.
Love Mum