Tuesday, 5 December 2006


I was wondering why I wasn't getting left any coments and I was just blog stalking and Briony has left a message saying that she couldn't leave a comment for me. I was mucking around with it the other day so anyone could leave comments but when I just had a look it said NO ONE could leave comments. Anyway it is fixed now everyone.

Off to playgroup this morning I am hoping Mia gets to make a xmas tree decoration as last year they were so cute.


briony zagame said...

You poor thing!! You must have been dissapointed when you would check your blog to find that no one had commented. Hope playgroup was good. The kids made Santa hats at playgroup yesterday, but because we had'nt been for a few weeks all Jackson wanted to do was play!!
Hope you get many more comments now,

Anonymous said...

Hey Amie, these blogs are hilarious!!!!. I don't think you'll find me doing one as I have no life and its not worth reading about. I go to work, play with Brooke, sometimes clean, lay down, a bit of washing, lay down etc. See, very exciting!!!!
I didn't tell you, my scan date now says Mia's birthday.
The bags from playgroup are great, aren't they.
See ya - Kristin
PS Our spa comes tomorrow YIPPEE!!!!

Anonymous said...

Amie, I love that you have started to blog! it is a little addictive isn't it! Keep it up. I have also put a link to you blog on the sidebar of mine. BTW I have finally gotten around to uploading your layout on my blog also www.reallyjustribbons.typepad.com
hope you have a lovely xmas,

Jolene George said...

I'm so glad I can comment again. Thanks for fixing it. :o)

Nurse Nyngan said...

Hey Amie
I have started by own blogg. I will probably need you to tell me how to put pics up, it won't work properly for me. Anyway, i will stay tuned

Anonymous said...

Hey there Amie
I've been reading your blog about once a week, i am loving being able to keep up with you guys without any effort!! (incredibly lazy i know).
Anywho i didn't even know you could leave comments, hence the reason i've been silent!
I hope you guys have a great christmas, im sure Santa will go nuts with the girls!
oh, what does LMAO stand for? You'll have to dumb it down for us simple folk!