Sunday, 17 December 2006

Noice Kimmy Noice

This is our photo that we had taken a few weeks ago I am really happy with it!!


Narelle and Monique said...

Love your pic. Welcome home. Glad to see you have had a nice holiday.
Oh and how lucky are you to get your house all cleaned up...Bye

Briony said...

Hi Amie,

Glad you had a good holiday. My DH Luke is on hols for the next 2 weeks, but his mobile hasn't stopped ringing!! Love the photo of you and the girls. Those dresses are sooooooooo adorable!!! You are so lucky to have your house cleaned. I wish the cleaning fairy would pay me a visit sometime soon! lol.


Jolene said...'s a wonderful picture. You and the girls look beautiful!!!

Nurse Nyngan said...

Love the photo! Where did u get it taken? Kristin got some good ones of brooke recently, one is on leah's blog. I am on holidays so will catch up next year. xo

Amie Taylor said...

It was the preschool fundraiser