Wednesday, 6 December 2006

Really Just Ribbons Gallery

Well Jenny at Really Just Ribbons has got her Gallery up and running and she has put my Cheeky LO in the gallery.... very excited. Jenny has some beautiful ribbons and they come all neatly rolled on ribbon card holders??? if thats what they are called.
Jenny's website is in my links.

It is my bestfriends birthday today {HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRISTY}.

I took the girls to the pool yesterday & I am so happy. Mia doesn't let me anywhere near her so you just have to let her play by herself and she will get in when she is ready. So yesterday I asked her if she would like to push Brie around in her floaty seat, she jumped at the chance I am so glad I let her because after about 20mins of me following her around while she pushed Brie (Brie was loving it mind you). She let go and walked around all by herself then she started blowing bubbles and kicking her legs while holding onto the rail. I was so proud of her, she kept getting more and more confident and then some bigger kids got in the pool jumping and splashing around well she was right then, she was jumping and splashing with no floaties on she even dunked herself under - she was holding my leg though. I was going to take her today but it rained so I will take some photos tomorrow being very confident in the water. It is amazing how much they learn by being around other kids.


Jolene George said...

I'm guessing it was an indoor heated pool?! Sounds like the girls had a wonderful time swimming!

nic said...

Hi Amy
I have just started following your blog thanks to my sister Jenny putting your blog on her favorites list.
Even though I lived in the same "little town" as you for over a year, we never met, although you made friends with my sister Jenny and often see your name as someone she sends her circular emails too.
I am very flattered to think you put my blog down as one you read. I had no idea people from "little town" where reading it. Anyway I am no longer "lurking" on your blog and have officially introduced my presence.
Nicky aka 'Begsysbride'

nic said...

PS Amie
Don't worry about enabling the comment moderator on your blog. It takes the fun out of getting onto your blog to see who has commented if you have to muck around first to see if you approve the comment or not. It is rare to get a nasty comment, if so you can always delete it (then track the commenter down and hunt them and kill them!!)