Friday, 8 December 2006

Hey Stalkers,

How is everyone??? I am great, I have been scrapbooking all day which was nice and relaxing. What I should have been doing was getting ready to go on holidays tomorrow but instead I had a great day with Skye, Narelle, Monique & Janet. I did four LO's thanks to pencillines I am just loving their sketches it makes scrapbooking a whole lot easier when you only have to pick what colours you want too use.

This I got woken up at 7.20am Salty's mum thought I would be up getting organised! Not me if the girls are asleep so am I anyway the phone woke Mia up and the first thing she said to me was I love you mum - isn't she adorable.

Well I have got so much to do I haven't even packed our bags yet I am just about to write out a list so I don't forget anything. Knowing my luck I will get about 15kms out of Nyngan and realise I have left the concert tickets at home. (I have done it before).

My sister is looking after the girls for us while we go to Robbie Williams isn't she going to have fun chasing Mia around I really hope they behave for her I am a bit worried about Brie though I would hate for her too be screaming and put stacie right off having kids. (and those who know Brie know she doesn't even know how to cry)LMAO

One of my friends Sarah has created her own blog today it is very funny so check it out it is called The Adventures of Nurse Nyngan.

I am guessing I will be having stalking withdrawls while I am away I might have to find myself an internet cafe. I wish I owned a laptop.

I will blog from my sisters and let you all know we got to sydney safely.

We are leaving tomorrow afternoon Salt is coming off nightshift in the morning so I am going to let him sleep all day and then he can drive all night and the girls will sleep well that is the plan anyway.

I have just got off the phone to Leah this is the second night in a row that we have been on the phone for over an hour I guess you can do that when the kids are in beds and the hubby's aren't home. Leah what day do you get back from Sydney? you will have to put your family photos on your blog and I will be able to check them out when we get back to stacies for the wiggles.

Here are the LO's that I did today.

Well have a great week everybody I will catch up with all your blogs & leave little messages saying what a great concert Robbie was, how nice relaxing on the beach is, the massage was great! yada yada I bet the highlight is going to be the wiggles LMAO.

Goodnight All.


Anonymous said...

Amie, enjoy your concert, I’m sure it will be great. I have tracked your blog though Really Just Ribbons and my contact there speaks so highly of both you and Leah, it sounds like you are both a really fun couple to be with. As a ‘non-scrapbooker’ I enjoyed your layout on Really Just Ribbons, hope you send some more in.
Enjoy your trip, hope you don’t mind me ‘tracking you’.

Anam_Kihaku said...

beautiful layouts.

Jolene George said...

The layouts are so great! I hope to hear updates while your away. Enjoy your trip!

Briony said...

Hi Amie,

Have a great time at Robbie Williams. I am sooo jealous!!Love the layouts. They are gorgeous. Hope you have a nice time in Sydney,