Sunday, 3 December 2006

Finally the photo's

I tried to take a few photos of the girls on friday with santa hats on hahahhah it did't work they would not co-operate at all as you can see.

I also made this for Brie's room.

Well we are heading off on Holidays with the Weston's next saturday and I have a busy week ahead of me so I need to get a list happening of the things i need to do this week.

Washing - you should see the pile up in the laundry!!
Cleaning - can anyone give me some hints on how to keep a house clean with a 2 year old? I don't seem to know how....
Scrapbooking - I need to get organised for our all day/night scrap this friday, I would like to print out some sketches and do up some challenges for myself to do I say this every time and I never do it, & I never get anything done.
I need to make Nana & Grandad a xmas present and get it sent this week!!!!!
Pack - Need to pack for Hols isnt that a crappy job I think it might be the worst thing about going on hols.

Tuesday - we have playgroup
Thursday - Mothers group xmas party need to make a plate of food to take.

So tomorrow I guess I am going to be cleaning the house I started in the loungeroom today so I only have the rest of the house to do I'm not going to turn my computer on tomorrow as I am guessing that's what keeps me from getting stuff done around here I have become a Blog Stalker as Leah calls it LMAO.


Jolene George said...

I so love the picture of the girls...the look ADORABLE! The B for Brie's room turned out great!