Wednesday, 18 April 2007

{Meet Baby Alexander

Isn't he just beautiful.... I really can't wait to go and meet him now!!

This tag is from Jenny

4 Jobs I have had

1. Accounts Clerk/Payroll

2. Bank Teller

3. Coles Supermarket

4. Telemarketer

4 Movies I have watched over and over

1. Dirty Dancing

2. The Goonies

3. American Pie all 3

4. Young Blood

4 Places I have Lived

1. New Zealand

2. Avoca Beach

3. Nyngan

4. Manly

4 TV Shows I Like to Watch

1. Friends

2. Will & Grace

3. All Saints

4. Dancing with the stars (which I missed last night) bugga!!

4 Places I have Been on Vacation

1. NZ

2. Gold Coast

3. Club Med Aust.

4Nelsons Bay (twice)

4 of My Favourite Foods

1. Chocolate

2. Hot Chips

3. Baked Dinner

4. McDonalds

4 Places I would rather be right now

1. On holidays, anywhere

2. Asleep

3. America LMAO

4 Scrapping

4 People I will tag

1. Amie

2. Sarah<>


4. Kellie Bodycott


Kyla said...

Congratulations Krystal & Co. Gee Krytal looks like her mum!!

Briony said...

Hi Amie,
Yes, I have been a stranger. I was lucky to have been able to post last week as my internet kept dropping out. I had tried to leave comments on peoples blogs but to no avail. All fixed now though! A HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your gorgeous girl Mia. Im hoping the cranky thing is'nt a 3yr old thing as I will have one in July!
Not long until Brie's Birthday (I remember as it's the same week as Ned's.) Your nephew is gorgeous. It makes me a bit clucky. We have a portable DVD player for the car. I couldnt decide on a single or twin screen but went for a single screen that is a swivel one so it folds back flat on itself. It was on special and it made my decision as I thought at that price I could have one each (down the track for Ned). Hope you are well.

Mel Goodsell said...

oh how adorable - I just LOVE love LOVE babies :O)

Leah-in-the-Kia said...

Alexander looks like his DAd! You will have to call hime "Snake Hunter!" As you know I LOVE babies and I would love to smell Alexander like I do to Caitlin! And as a mother of 4 children with 2 single DVD player, well one since the other got pushed into a sink of water, I would go with the twin screen, more expensive but will save your sanity and cleaning up of spew! Your Friend America - directly

Leah-in-the-Kia said...

PS: How nice was Kelly Boyd's layout! I loved it!!!!