Friday, 27 April 2007

Tonight I enjoyed doing a Cybercrop with Forever Always. The challenges were excellent I was lucky that I had photos that matched the challenges and they all came together really quickly.
The card is a bit dodgy but I don't really enjoy making cards that much.

The first challenge you had to use numbers, purple and black.

This one had to be mostly yellow with feathers or wings I made a butterfly out of chipboard shapes and a flower.

This one was a sketch you had to use mostly red and doodle which I suck at!!!!

Only 2 more sleep till Salt comes home, I reckon the time has flown I am just starting to miss him now which is good. Mia woke up this morning and said wheres my DAD? Fishing..... I said.

She then started bawling I want my Dad!!!! poor little thing.

Have a good night.


Amie said...

Wow great work! Doesn't it feel good getting so much done? I love themes like that. You did such cute work on your butterfly! I love it! I'm with you--cards are not my thing. But you did a lovely job.

nic said...

I love those first two layouts Amie, they have a 'wow' factors. The dots are really effective and that yellow with the butterfly is fabulous. Except when I see those bits left in the middle of the letters I want to press them out!
Also where did you get that gorgeous backpack?.
Take care. Nic

Narelle and Monique said...

Hi Amie, Glad you got to do the cybacrop with Forever Always. Love your LO's you have done well... Have a nice weekend. bye Narelle

Megan said...

Amie these are all beautiful....I can't scrap in crops of any description to save my life!!

Just beautiful :-)

Neek said...

Well done on those LO's Amie - love the butterfly - will have to steal or scraplift that idea!! LOL

I haven't tried a cybercrop yet - need to - but my life is so up and down - I always fear I wont get to it!! :)

Well done.

skye said...

I love the yellow LO - goes so well with Salts T shirt! Next time you do a cybercrop invite me over!!!! :)
~ Skye