Sunday, 1 April 2007

Dancing & Twighlight Golf

On friday night Mia had her first chance to show off her dancing ability at the public school fete. There were only a few JellyBeans there, maybe it was too cold for everyone else.... I didn't know if she would dance or not but she stood there and danced and looked around at the crowd :0) then she would realise that the moves had changed it was so cute all I could do was laugh and grin.

She had a lovely time at the fete she went on the jumping castle and the merry-go-round twice.

Rhani painted her face when she sat down Rhani said what would you like me too paint and Mia thought for a bit and then said DORA!!! LOL she got a flower on one cheek and a butterfly on the other.

I came home and there was a cybercrop on at foreveralways so I joined in and did the 30min challenge. I should have been cleaning up and the house was really messy, and I had to play golf in the morning so it wouldn't get done until sat arvo....

Anyway we lost golf but we were just please to get to the grandfinal and we all got $40 each for coming second and thru out the season we won 6 golfballs and 3 chooks so you have to be happy with that. If my putts had of gone in we probably would have won! :0(

Last night I was just so tired that I went to bed so I will have to try and get the other 2 challenges done today. Brie is 11 months old today she is getting in practice for her birthday trying to blow up balloons and she can even play the recorder!!! to an extent of blow blow blow...... she just may have talent LOL.

Have a good day everyone!


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Jenny Boyd said...

Wow Amie you have been so busy by the looks of things. You are really pumping out the layouts - great work!! How much has Brie grown!!!! I know it has been long time no comment from me but have been flat chat, and hanging out to get back into the scrapping tomorrow night (jeff still putting on finishing touches to my new scrapping space.)
catch you later

Neek said...

Hey Amie,

Definately not too cold for this little Jelly Bean here (Jade) - just a sick older brother so no use in coming into town for it (& had let Angie know as he was meant to dance too!). Glad it went well. You have been busy scrapping too eh!!??