Tuesday, 24 April 2007


Mia at dancing sitting next to her friend Brooke, we had dancing and playgroup this morning so I was up nice and early with the girls getting organised.... I don't know why it takes me over 2 hrs to get ready to go anywhere. Mia went to sleep at 6.30 last night so she woke up at 6.30 this morning and Brie at 6.45 which I don't mind at all if they are in bed that early.

I will have to remember to watch dancing with the stars tonight I missed all the big dramas last week, I really want Kate Sabrano to win (is that how you spell her last name?) I should vote but I don't.

I think Mia's hair is starting to grow.. it is looking thicker anyway.

The girls had a cake at playgroup today we had to put the cake a bit away from Brie as she was trying to touch the candles... it was so cute I said Ok sing happy birthday and Mia started sing first... a bit sad having to sing your own happy birthday... LOL.

Brie has been climbing on everything and anything she can in the last few days she has fallen off their little table 3 times cried and gotten back up on it!! I think she is going to be as stubborn as Mia.

I spoke to my Nana & Grandad on the phone yesterday and they are coming over in September which is so good as I was trying to plan to go over and see them but now we wont have to until next year, the last time they came to Australia was my wedding. I can't wait to see them, they have me Mia but are still to meet Brie so I am sure they will be looking fwd to coming over.
Ok not much else happening I am going to put Mia to bed and vacuum and tidy up a bit and then do some scrapping.


Neek said...

How AMAZINGLY cute is that photo of Mia and Brooke!! :) So cute...... definately see a page or frame there Amie..... :)

Climbing tots?? mmm all I can say is it doesn't get any better - from my experience anyway!! :) LOL

Mel Goodsell said...

I love the new pic on your blog btw of you and your family :o)
Very cute photos in this post too :O)

Kyla said...

Gorgeous photo of the two girls...I can see they will become frim friends.
I forgot all about "Dancing with the Stars" - who got voted off? I turned it over just as All Saints started. Kate Cerebrano is really good. I think it will be between her & Tim Campbell. I'm glad Jamie Dury is gone (little show pony!!). I don't mind poor old Fifi either, as we listen to MMM on the radio.

Kyla said...

LOL....that's supposed to be firm, not frim.