Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Happy Birthday Mia!!!!!

Wow 3 already I can't believe how quick it has gone.
"Happy Birthday Mia"

Mia's cake, she couldn't decide what she wanted so I cut out all of her fav shows.

Opening Grandma & Grandad's present....They couldn't be here as they are in Brisbane with Baby Alexander.

Our Present a black baby cabbage patch. We also brought her a DVD player for the car but I didn't wrap it up as I didn't think it would be very exciting to open. I am also thinking about taking it back and getting one that has 2 screens.Posted by Picasa

Brie's present

Pretty Shoes from her little sister...

Our breakfast tradition of singing happy birthday with a mini pancake stack

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Mia's party was excellent she received lots & lots of present all the kids seemed to have a great time....... The cake was another story I used powdered food colouring and everyone who had icing had pink hands and faces... I wont be using that again!
Hope everyone is having a great day! Mia is asleep as she has been very cranky the last few days and I think it is just lack of sleep....... please don't tell me this is how 3 year olds carry on!


Anonymous said...

wow!! You done well with the cake!! Happy B'Day to Mia!! Looks like she had a great day!!

Kyla said...

Sorry to tell you, but I think it is a "I'm 3 now!!" thing, Allyce has been practising for weeks!! Great cake!! Well done. I love your birthday tradition. We haven't really set any traditions yet. Must work on that!!