Saturday, 14 April 2007

My Little Photographer!

Here are 2 of the photo's that Mia took at the park the other day. I just love the look on Brie's face in both of the photos.

Not much happening this weekend, I went to the park with Kristy and her boys and her little niece Ella. Mia just love these two boys. They played over at the skate park most of the time enjoying sliding down the ramps - you should have seen how far Mia was sliding off the ramp.
I am sorting out all of my photos atm, putting them into new albums as Mia has wrecked most of the cheaper style ones by flicking thru them all the time once I have sorted them out I am putting them where she can't reach them.

I was in bed asleep at 8.30 last night I was so tired... Well have a good saturday everyone. Amie

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Mel Goodsell said...

The photos are so cute :O) I've been really tired too the last couple of weeks now it's getting dark earlier.