Tuesday, 20 February 2007

50th Post!!!!

Well this is my 50th post.... Mia had her first Jelly Beans dance class this morning and she loved it, when it was all finished she said I do it again I do it again MUM. The 1/2 hour of dancing must really take it out of the kids as she came home and laid down and then she went to sleep. I want her to go to dancing every day LOL. I have done 3 LO's since I cleaned up my scrap room so I am very happy about that I need to print out some more photos so I can do some more.

We were in the supermarket today and I was looking at the meat & the next minute I heard someone yell out AGGHHH LOOKOUT & BANG I turned around and Mia had had a head- on collision with a little old lady (she was not impressed at all) I told Mia to say sorry and she looked at her and said sorry I was trying not too laugh. Anyway we took off down the next isle and Mia said me push I said NO you just ran into that lady your naughty and she started crying so it must of scared her too... we had to go home then cause she kept crying and saying I go home now.

Well I need to go and clean up but what I really want to do is go and do some more scrapping. mmmmmm decisions decisions.



Briony said...

Awwww, Poor Mia. Im always stressing in the supermarket that Jackson is going to hit someone with his trolley.
Mia must be a well behaved little girl though, I couldnt imagine Jackson listening to instructions like she does at dancing. He's be too busy jumping around. Boys...............

nic said...

I can't believe you are up to fifty posts, I feel like I have only just started following your blog.
I am only a few posts away from my 200th !!!

Chrissy said...

Yay for your 50th post Amie!! I've never looked to see how many I've done, must do that!

So what won out...scrapping or cleaning??!! LOL

Kyla said...

Uh, I hate shopping with my 3. Now that Jack's at school we do it straight after we drop him off. Although I can't say the 2 younger ones are any easier than all 3.
I wish I had a scrapping room, good on you for organising your space for motivation.

Jenny Boyd said...

50 posts!!! OMG you put me to shame! Great effort though. keep it up.