Friday, 16 February 2007


Yes I have been RUDE...... this week has gone so quick it is Friday already. I sat down yesterday to do a post and I didn't really know what too talk about.

What have I been up too?? We have had quite a busy week.

Tuesday we had playgroup and it was really good there were a few new faces in our session so that was good it is so funny When we started going to playgroup Mia was about 10 - 11 months old she was just learning to walk, she is a pretty outgoing little girl so she fitted in straight away . The only thing she wouldn't do was sit down with all the kids and eat her lunch she just wanted to play. Well 2 years of playgroup down the track and she seems to have just grown up overnight. I was saying to Mandy at golf last night haven't the girls grown up all of a sudden (Ebony & Mia are 1 Month apart)...... On Tuesday they actually played together for about the first time in there lives, sat and listened to the stories jumped around like frogs so it was really good. The other thing I had to laugh at was the new little kids that don't like sitting down and eating there lunch it brought back all the memories of Mia when she first started.

Salty picked us up as it was too hot to walk home when I had gotten home he had done nearly all the washing so all I had to do was clean the kitchen which was good.

Wednesday the girls woke up at 6am so it was a bright and early start to the day so we went for a walk and then were out doing our groceries at 9am didn't do much else for the rest of the day that arvo I took the DVD slide show of Shane over to Di's I hope she likes it.

We went out for valentines dinner at the Motel with Bec & Griffo and it was a lovely night we had some really weird conversations for valentines night - and all the boys kept telling me and Bec is we need to clean our houses more LOL how romantic are they!!!

Yesterday I went to Mothers group there were 16 mums and 25 kids and then a few of us went for lunch afterwards. Played golf last night we lost! I need to learn to putt it would help my game so much at the moment. Got back in and won a meat tray in the meat raffles which had four big t-bones on it so guess what we will be having tonight??? Kirsty told me that she made dinner for Burls on Valentines night and it was absolutely beautiful so I am going to cook it tonight - it was T- Bone with Bacon, Mushroom, onion & sour cream topper for the steak sounds yummy so I am going to give it ago tonight.

Well we were woken up to BANG BANG BANG at 5 to 6 this morning. the alarm did go off at 5am but I pushed something I did notice it said (on) and went back to sleep whoooPs!!!!!!! I hadn't even made Salts lunch yet so I had to jump up too and make the lucky thing peanut butter s/w

I had boiled eggs last night so he will get them tomorrow.

I was looking at Brie the other day she was sitting in her highchair eating a triangle of Vegemite s/w (she has just learnt too eat toast & bread without gagging) and I have decided that she isn't a baby any more she has just grown up her face seems like it has changed. Then I think how sad she could be my last baby (big decision to have another). I am sure I will decide one day.

Well I think this could be a record for my longest post ever so if you are still reading thanks for looking.


Kyla said...

Hi Amie,
Three is really hard. But I can't complain because it was me who wanted to go for a 3rd. Griffo was happy with 2 (especially a pigeon pair). I feel a little sad @ times because William is growing up so fast, and there definately won't be anymore! My hat goes off to Leah with 4, she deserves a medal!!
Tell Salt & Griffo they are both very lucky you both do 1/2 of what you do for them. At least you make Salt's lunch. Griffo get's "cold shoulder" most mornings on his way out the door at 5.30 am.