Thursday, 1 February 2007

I thought Salty was just being a big sook!

Last night when Salt got home from work he was complaining about feeling sick in the stomach. being the sympathetic person I am I didn't take much notice of him (maybe I should of & he would of chucked a sicky today). Anyway Brie woke up at about 2.00am this morning and I fed her and put her back to bed and then I started feeling sick as well it felt like heartburn, cramps & wanting to spew at the same time... not nice so like Leah I couldn't go back to sleep last night so I started my challenge for the craft shop the joys of scrapbooking.

When Salt got up at 5.20am he came into the scrapbook room and said what are you up scrapbooking for - I said I am sick and he just laughed and said bad isn't it......

I think I finally went back to sleep at about 6.30 & Mia woke up at 7am.

Mia is having the second haircut of her life today I am hoping that it will make it grow.

Last day of swimming lessons today I was talking to a lady that does private lessons yesterday as she was at the pool watching her daughters lap training and she said Mia is going great, very confident & I am expecting way too much at her age. So that makes me feel better.

I got the kiddy trailer for the girls to sit in behind the bike yesterday and I love it. Mia & Brie love it too but Brie doesn't like wearing her helmet. I will take some photos and post them when I get a new cord or go to Leahs.

Well I hope everyone has a great day - I am going to be hoping the girls have a sleep at the same time so I can have a nana nap as well.


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Briony said...

Hi Amie,
Hope you are feeling better, Loved the photos of the girls. They are so beautiful. Hope you got your Nana nap. I wish Jackson still had an afternoon sleep!
Take care,