Saturday, 17 February 2007

A Few Collage's

Just a few of the photos that were on my camera, once again I had to go over to Leah's and get her to put the photo's onto a disc for me THE CORD STILL ISN'T HERE.....

I cleaned up my scrapbook room today. I brought the cupboard in dubbo the other day for $14 each and went down to Murphy's this morning to get a plank of wood to make the top shelf. It is great I can have a friend over to scrapbook now and still have heaps of room (sort of). Anyway I have lots of photos and ideas in my head to scrap so hopefully it will be a productive night if the girls go to bed very soon.

I just had the yummiest pizza from Dolphins I haven't had one of their pizza's in ages.. I am so full & I only had 2 pieces.
Not much other news from the Taylor Household - the girls have been happily playing all day which has made it easy to clean up the scrap room.
Well Salt has just got home from work & asked me if I cut it out with the builders (HUH) I saw the cupboard's thru the window he said LMAO.......

for ages.


nic said...

Great idea Amy, I need something like that for my desk, where did you get the little cupboards? Do they come in other colours? I guess I could always just paper over the cupboard doors if I can't get the colour I like!!

Briony said...

Hi Amie,
Luke's always at me for number 3. I still am undecided. I've been wanting to trade our commodore in for a station wagon so he's using the 'When you are having the next baby, I'll buy you a bigger car' line! We went away for the night on Friday and you should have seen the stuff!! We would'nt have fitted another child in anywhere!
I agree with the previous comment about everything you do for your husband. I swear they think we are at home playing with the kids all day! Luke get his own lunch, so tell Salt he's lucky!

Briony said...

I just realised I commented on the wrong post!!
These photos are gorgeous. The girls are just too cute! The double bike trailor looks great. Where did you get it from?
Love the cupboards too. I wish I had a scrap room!

Mel Goodsell said...

I loved looking at your scrap area and the collages are very cute,