Monday, 26 February 2007

It was just GLITTER!!!!!!

I went over to Leah's yesterday afternoon & I have taken this story from Leah's Blog.

{ The girls played with my kids and Mia disappeared out the back, we went and got her ans she was in the cubby house which is high above the sandpit. I t is also out of bounds as the floor of it is very dangerous with holes and nails popping out if it ( we have taken the ladder off it) anyway Mia had got up there somehow, So we gt her down and I told her it was dangerous because of the floor and she should stay away from it till Tim fixes it. About 1/2 later Mia went outside again and Amie went to get her as she started to cry, she bought her into the lounge room and there was blood on her leg, then we noticed a small metal thing in her leg like a nail! Amie was saying" Oh my god - is that a nail in her leg?" I was asking Mia" Did you get up in the cubby again?" O h shit I thought, she has and a bloody nail is now embedded in her leg! The blood was coming out of where the nail was, so I raced and got a wet cloth and came back and Amie was nearly passing out from the shock of it and Mia was still crying! I calmly and carefully wiped the blood away, trying not to push the nail in any further and .................................. the nail wiped off!

It was a piece of glitter! Then we laughed!!!!!! Talk about scary! When I wiped the blood it was a small scratch! It was so funny when we realised what it was.}

Anyway how is everyone?? My internet has been down since Friday ( I was supposed to be doing a my first cybercrop on Friday night). So I did scrap friday and saturday night but it just wasn't the challenges from the forever always cybercrop.

On Saturday night I felt like going for a walk so I put the girls in the pram and went out the front door. there is a gap between our cement the the pram tyre fits nice and snug in anyway the pram got stuck and instead of lifting it out I just sort of tried to push pull yank.... and now the wheel is buckled and I cannot use the bloody thing. So we had to go on the bike instead. Salt reckons he won't be able to fix it so I will have to see how much a new wheel is going to cost me.

Oh Leah thinks that her old camera that she had for 2 days before it crashed and burned, that the cable will fit my camera. I hope it does anyway.

I got the cleaning bug last night and cleaned every room in the house so I can have a nice relaxing day today doing not much at all.

Have good day everybody.



Amie said...

Hi, I actually noticed you too, and looked at your site a couple of days ago. Weird, eh?! I'm always surprised to see others spell their name similarly to mine. My parents HAD to be different, lol! I like it now, but no one ever spells my name right!

So isn't Elsie the greatest? I just dig her style. I'm having a lot of fun with her book.

How often do you blog? I'm addicted and do 3-4 a week. Fun for friends and family. =) Nice to meet you!

Amie said...

I'll add you to my list. I check every day too!

Briony said...

Hi Amie,
I had read the story on Leah's blog. I was getting quite worried, until I found out it was glitter. Was lol then!