Thursday, 8 February 2007

Mia & Brie

Brie's tooth has broken thru with a bite and a grin..... ahhhh the joys of breastfeeding.
Mia has gone to daycare today, last year I thought it would be a good idea for her to be looked after by someone else other than her grandma & also just to be able to play with other kids for more than a few hours.
I dropped her off this morning and she ran inside happily without a second glance back at me which is a good thing I suppose.
I was hoping after I got my house work done I could also do some scrapping but guess who woke up after only and hours sleep..... Brie is crawling around the house looking a bit lost without her sister.

I was talking to another mum this morning about preschool as Mia will be able to go in second term, but by the looks of it there isn't any places left I will have to give them a call this arvo and see what you need to do to be on the waiting list.

Playing golf tonight we need to win as we are playing the team that is on top of the ladder tonight and we are coming about 5th I think - the way I have played the last few weeks I may as well stay at home my golf absolutely stinks I need more practise.
Well I don't really have any interesting news to post , so I will leaved you with a photo of the girls at about the same age....I don't know what has happened with the cord it hasn't come off the credit card yet and they haven't rang me to say there was a problem (he said they had one in stock) I might give them a quick call now.
Thanks for looking Amie