Wednesday, 21 February 2007


I wish I had my camera cable... Mia has just fallen asleep in my bed with a box of shapes in her lap and one in her mouth I took a few photos so I will share with you all later LMAO. She must be very tired all dressed up in her winter dressing gown. She made me put mine on but it was too hot so I took it off!

Kellie came over yesterday to show me her nice pregnant belly. (So I ended up cleaning my house after all) She looks great unlike me who thought I should be eating for about 6 babies instead of 1. She has 11 weeks to go. I am going to have to get Salts sister to send me a photo of her belly too she only has 5 weeks to go. How exciting I might get a little niece Saltys brother has 4 boys so it will be nice for Mia & Brie to have a girl cousin. My sister needs to pull her finger out and have a baby. I will let my brother off the hook as he is only 18.

I did 2 more LO's last night I am really liking white at the moment but the 2 I did last night were on red & orange bazill so they are a bit bright compared to the white backgrounds. I am loving the basic grey wholly cow rub-ons atm.

Not long until my sister turns 30 I spoke to mum tonight we are going to drive to sydney together so I won't have to fly with Brie now. (that's is a relief) Salt is going to stay home and have a great weekend with Mia.... I bet he takes her over to his mothers for the weekend. The Hooley Dooleys are on in Cobar on the 9th so I might have to get him to take Mia to Cobar for the day as I will have to drive to Mums that day.

We had our first playday today with all my friends that don't work on wednesday we went too Shirene's house. The kids had a lovely time playing with all Chanel & Logans toys - My turn isn't until the 2nd of May the day after Bries birthday so that should be good.

Well I am off to do some more scrapbooking

Night All


Mel Goodsell said...

LOL I can imagine how funny those photos are !!