Monday, 5 March 2007

Hi everybody,

Hope you all had a great day. I did - Mia and I made profiteroles today, how yum are they! We were going to make choc chip cookies but Mia found the pkt mix for the profiteroles and wanted to make them.

My huge order from two peas turned up from America today.... how exciting I brought heaps of chipboard stuff and some scallop edged card stock, mostly chipboard letters though lucky I got all my photos printed this afternoon so I can go and start creating.

Mia fell asleep at 5pm this afternoon so I am guessing that I will be up till about MIDNIGHT!!!!

I was just showing salty the blog and he asked where his footy photos are so I will have to post one for you all. I am really hoping he doesn't play this year as they won there grand final last year and it would be nice for him to retire on a high...... & he did win the presidents award for player of the year. Also he will be 35 in a few weeks and I don't think he needs to be playing footy at that age..........

& just because I haven't had a post without a photo in the last few days here is a photo of Salt's mum when she was 10. The doll she is holding was given to her from her mother & sister Dulcie & they paid 5 pound 2 & 6 for it. She still has it. Last year she had the doll restrung & gave her new teeth, hairs and eyelashes. She had her photo taken with the doll again I will have to get a copy of it and do a layout with more details about the doll.

Well I have just gotten off the phone with Kay and she is coming over in the morning to look after Brie while Mia & I go to dancing so I best go and tidy the house...

Goodnight all.



Amie said...

How do I do what, change the background? I just did a google search for blog templates and did some searching. It's a pain to change. Sometimes the best thing to do is just upload a picture you like and then change the colors and types. Let me know if that's what you were referring to and I can help you a bit more.

What time is it ovr there? near 8:30p here. By the way, what are profiteroles?

Briony said...

Hi Amie,
LMAO..........Yes the bottom right cnr is my brother and I. Luke is the bottom row, 2nd from left.

That's gorgeous that your MIL still has the doll. It's lovely to keep something special like that. I have a gorgeous wicker chair that was given to my Aunty when she was born. She has not kids and gave it to me. The chair will be 50 is September and still in great condition.

Hope you got to bed before midnight!

Also, Luke asks where are photos of him too on my blog?

Amie said...

ok, I totally need a recipe, Ames! By the way, my last name is Haroldsen if you want to change that on your don't hafta, but if you wanna...

Chrissy said...

Can't wait to see that the two piccies together Amie, love the Now and Then type ones, especially with such a precious keepsake.

Chrissy xx