Saturday, 3 March 2007

Something to scare the crap out of you!!!

How would you be, your in your bathroom and the bathroom vent isn't working properly so being an electrician you think I will just have a quick look to see whats wrong......

Look what falls on your head!!!!!! I am glad it was Mark and not me LMAO. Salt's sister Kristal emailed me this photo last night, she is 81/2 months pregnant (it would have made me have the baby) with a little note saying -
"Hi Amie & James,
Look at what dropped on Mark’s head in the bathroom (out of the ceiling vent) tonight. I think he loves snakes about as much as Mum does – there were two very dirty pairs of undies in our house tonight."
Salts Mum is up at Brisbane at the moment for Kristals Baby shower that she had last Saturday, she will be home tonight. Can you just imagine the squeals that would have been coming out of there mouths..... We rang them straight away to find out what they did with the snake. Kristals next door neighbour came in and help get the snake into a pillow case and she drove it to a nature reserve a few km down the road!!! lets hope it doesn't have any babies up in the roof. She is going to get a snake man to come in and have a look.
Don't you hate it when you would really love a sleep-in but the kids wake up at about 7am.... this always happens. But when they decide to sleep-in like this morning both of the girls are still asleep and I couldn't sleep I might go and hang some washing on the line.
Have a good day.



Amie said...

Amie!! holy freakin' cow! I live in Arizona, the snake capitol of the country and I've never even heard of this happening to someone before! Are snakes a big problem over there? I think I'd move. EEEEK!!

Kyla said...

OMG!!!! I'm having a mental picture of Kay & Kristal shreaking, etc. Funny - when it happens to someone else. Would be vomiting if it happened to me!!

Neek said...

OMG.. I am having heart palpations as I type!! Jesus ....... I am so damn petrified of snakes that pictures do my head in!! So I can fully understand their horror as we had one come down through our kitchen ceiling 2 years ago - and ever since then I dread summer!! :)

Oh god - it is going to be ages before I can check your blog again...... you must email me when you update it next so I know I wont open it to that photo!! lol..

Neek :)

Chrissy said...

Ok that freaked me out!! LOL Such a biggy too!

Nurse Nyngan said...

Are u sure that is only one snake???? I can fully understand the dirty undies! that pic gave me the heebie jeebies!